Sunnier than California

300 days of sunshine, 88 blue flag beaches and 31 golf courses – welcome to the Algarve

With over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year the Algarve is sunnier than California! It is no surprise then, that over 10 million people visit the country each year and most return home with an impressive tan!

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Portugal as a whole is unspoiled and idiosyncratic. While Lisbon is a high-tech hub and Porto is one of the most dynamic and exciting student cities in the world, this is a country where farmers still go to work on a donkey – and why not, when the countryside in the Algarve is so beautiful and tranquil.

So, if you are looking for property in the Algarve, where do you start? Where are the hotspots for property hunters? Well, the Algarve divides naturally into three sections: Western, Central and Eastern and you will find expats in every part.

Due to its location on the southern coast of Portugal the Algarve has always offered a laid back lifestyle – the pristine beaches along its stunning coastline are a Mecca for those wanting to get away from it all and escape the rat race. However, the Algarve is not only about the beaches. You only need head a few kilometres inland to find working villages and peace and quiet from the coast. Then there are the mountains, just inland from the coast which span the whole width of the region. Modestly referred to as “the hills” by the expats that choose to live their life here away from the resorts, these inland areas offer a more traditional lifestyle yet are within easy driving distance of the coast.

When you cross reference weather data with holiday home prices across Europe to find where sunshine costs the least, the Algarve is far better value than any other Western European hotspot – but it’s not just the property that is cheaper. In the UK Post Office travel cost barometer, the Algarve is the most affordable out of 22 popular tourist destinations around the world. Coupled with the Algarve’s amenities and infrastructure it is both a practical and desirable location.

Whether you crave the simple country life or glitz and glamour – the Algarve can boast globally renowned beaches, award winning marinas, championship golf courses or the chance of bumping into one of the many celebrities who live here – you will find what you are looking for in the Algarve. It is worth spending a while exploring the different areas, to get a feel for the regions’ dramatically different towns and resorts as the landscape is surprisingly varied.

Spanning roughly 200km east to west, the Algarve is littered with vibrant and modern towns, tranquil fishing villages and local communities that hold true to their traditional roots. It attracts fewer tourists than the Costa del Sol in Spain and is much less developed as a result. This is part of the appeal for families, retirees and holiday home buyers looking to purchase here. Unlike many Mediterranean destinations the Algarve’s airport at Faro offers easy access to the region all year round. It lies right by the sea and is well served all year by inexpensive flights from all over Europe.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to live and work in this beautiful part of the world. We have some of the most stunning scenery anywhere on earth, the beaches are pristine, the mountains are awe inspiring and the country offers vistas which you can never tire of. It is not just the landscape which makes it so special it is the people, the gastronomy and the lifestyle – we can’t wait to share it all with you and help you find your ideal piece of this fantastic county.

Western Algarve

Chilled, laid back and awesome coastlines

Western Algarve has some of the best coastlines of the country – rocky coves, awesome surfing spots and secret beaches to explore.

There is a great mix of stylish villas and luxury apartments for sale across the Western Algarve – you really are spoilt for choice. We classify the Western Algarve region as spanning from Cape St Vincent in Sagres – the southwesternmost point of Portugal and of mainland Europe – across to Carvoeiro. This region is full of charm and tradition as well as modernity and style. Surfers love Lagos, golfers love Carvoeiro, we love it all.


Central Algarve

Traditional, modern and full of life

The Central Algarve area is the most developed out of the three and it is here that you will find the Algarve’s Golden Triangle which includes the luxurious resorts of Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura.

Here you will find glistening beaches, world class golf courses, Michelin starred restaurants and multi-million euro gated villas belonging to celebrities and international footballers. We classify the Central Algarve region from the historic city of Silves, down to the coast and over to the craft capital of Loulé. This is the largest region and probably the most popular.

The hustle and bustle of the coast is in direct contrast to the peace and tranquility in the hills. Central Algarve has something for everyone and we love its eclectic mix of styles, properties and terrain.


Eastern Algarve

Authentic, traditional and tranquil

Eastern Algarve took longer to be discovered by the overseas buyers and some argue that it retains more of an authentic Portuguese feel than its Central and Western neighbours. It also offers stunning flat seascapes.

The smallest region of the Algarve, we classify Eastern Algarve from Santa Bárbara de Nexe over to Castro Marim on the Spanish border. If you want a more authentic Portuguese experience head East. Still with its traditional aura surrounding it, many say spending time here is like going back 20 or 30 years to a more slow, relaxed pace of life. With magnificent hilltop views and cobbled towns the East is where we go to unwind and get away from it all.