Happiness is … when the packing is finished

Shipping your belongings to Portugal

We all know that on the list of the most stressful things in life moving house is up there in the top five. As estate agents we are lucky that the part of the process we deal with is the exciting bit – finding that dream home – but when the property has been found and the date for the deed is set then working out how you are going to move all your beloved furniture, clothes, nik-naks, cars and everything bar the kitchen sink can become a bit of a nightmare.

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Below we talk you through the process of shipping items from the UK to Portugal. We do work with some of the best transport companies in the area so if there is anything we haven’t covered then let us know and we can ask our colleagues to get in touch with you to fill in the blanks.

What happens to my belongings once they’ve been packed up?

Removal companies will often offer one of two options: packing that is completed by their staff or you can choose to pack your goods yourself – if you choose this option then the removal company should provide you with packing materials. 

The final destination of your belongings and the kind of service you have chosen makes a difference to what happens to your things once they’ve been wrapped, packed and labelled. European destinations can be serviced via road freight or sea freight. If you’ve commissioned a full household removal via road freight there will be a dedicated vehicle at your home to take your goods away and delivered to your destination. 

The sea freight service sees goods loaded directly onto the containers, with a customs seal placed upon it. This will then be loaded onto the vessel and delivered to your new home. In both instances you will be given an inventory of what has been packed. 

Do I need any special paperwork for the move to Portugal?

There are a number of requirements when moving to Portugal. If you are coming from an EU country you will need the following details:

Certificate of residency confirming you have been working and living for more than 12 months in the country of origin
European Certificate or NIE number
Removal inventory in Portuguese 
Valuation form for Shipment Protection cover
Purchase receipts (only applicable if you are importing any newly purchased goods) 

How long does it take for my goods to be shipped to Portugal?

The transit time between removals in the UK to the arrival of your goods in Portugal is approximately three to seven days for dedicated loads and one to three weeks for part load shipments. 

What happens on the day of arrival?

Delivery will be arranged in advance. Depending on the type of shipment and ease of access to your new property your belongings will arrive in a dedicated vehicle or a sea freight container. Once your delivery reaches its destination the unloading crew will help unpack your goods and place them in the correct rooms.