Breathing space from the modern world

Aljezur is about 30 kilometres north of Lagos and is situated in a valley, built on either side of the river that runs through it. The old town is on one side, the new on the other.

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Aljezur and the villages and countryside in this corner of the Algarve are quite different from their central and eastern neighbours – there is no hustle and bustle, not even a hint of rushing or dashing around. You can still see farmers ploughing their land with oxen and a hand plough as they have done for centuries. If you are looking for somewhere that gives you breathing space from the modern world, then take a walk along the cliffs or a stroll on one of the beaches and you may not see anyone unless it’s a wet-suited surfer or someone fishing from the rocks.

The nearest beach to Aljezur is Praia de Monte Clérigo, it is around a 10km drive through the countryside and as you approach the ocean there are spectacular views of the Atlantic coast to enjoy. There are lots of other near deserted beaches within a short drive as well as lots of villages to explore.

Aljezur is ideal for relaxing in the countryside, taking a walk, a bike ride, horse riding, or just sitting at a café with a good book.